New year, new me, future me

Cayla Smith, Campus Editor

The “new year, new me” cliche pushes an unnecessary burden to want to change, but why not appreciate and reflect on the present with a letter instead?

This year, instead of making my new year’s resolution the same uncreative thing that it’s been for the past eight years, i.e. lose weight. I wanted to change it. I don’t want to challenge myself and decide to complete this one task that’s been following me for almost a decade, but no. It causes unnecessary stress, especially if I don’t make it to February. 

When we make a new year’s resolution we say that we need to do something, and that turns it into an obligation and puts a pressure on ourselves. If I do happen to lose weight this year, then I just happen to lose weight — it’s not my burden of the year. 

I took the easy way out and didn’t make resolutions, but I wrote a letter to myself instead. 

Future Me is a free website that gives its users the ability to write a letter to themselves anywhere into the future. In this letter, you can write whatever you want whether that be a prediction of the future world, a journal entry from your present self, goals, etc. The letters get delivered via email on whatever date you chose.

I’m going to blame the pandemic for giving me time to self reflect and with this I’ve learned to appreciate the present. My letter to future me was a digital time capsule. I included my favorites at the moment, like songs, food, books, TV shows, movies and even described my surrounding environment for my future self.

It’s going to be nice to reflect on what I like now and compare it to my new interests. Also, it gives me the chance to look at what led me to be in a completely different place, if I am, compared to where I thought I saw myself. 

I’ve used Future Me in the past, but I used it as a diary entry and a check in with myself. I asked myself if I met certain accomplishments present me hoped for, or if I had found something else along the way. I scheduled this letter to be delivered around the upcoming summer because I’ll be a college graduate. 

The letters act as a surprise gift to yourself. In my experience, life moves fast and I forget about certain things like the letters I write to myself, so when they’re delivered it’s a nice surprise and there’s always something in the letter that you need to hear.

Writing the letter is quick and easy, and it’s something you do once with no strings attached. 

If interested, check in with your future self by visiting Future Me’s website at