Graduate school open house goes virtual

For the first time ever, the graduate school open house is fully virtual.

The Virtual Graduate Open Houses are expected to take place Oct. 19-23. There, students can learn about each graduate program, curriculum, benefits, admission requirements and deadlines. Students can also expect to learn about financial aid, schedule a one-on-one session, international student admissions and general information about graduate school.

Coordinator of graduate recruitment, Todd Steele, says that the graduate school open house has been virtual before with only a limited number of programs presenting. It’s a little different this year.

“This is probably 60 or 70 different programs over a week-long period, and we have different sessions and opportunities,” Steele said. “This is on a much larger scale.” 

Each school has a designated day of the week where a coordinator of each program will be presenting 30 minute presentations.

Steele says that each program is only 30 minutes, so that it’s accommodating to both prospective and current students. 

There’s a full list of all of the master’s programs within each of the schools.

After taking a look at the list, there’s a button under each school where students will be prompted to fill out a Google Form. Students are required to include their name, email and choose the session they would like to attend. 

Students can sign up for as many sessions as they would like because they are all presented at different times.

If students can’t attend the presentation for their graduate program, there is a plan to record the sessions. 

“These program sessions could be posted to the graduate school website as well as the academic school website,” Steele said. “If you missed it, you can go to our websites or reach out to us and we can provide you with a link directly.”

Other sessions are also available, like financial aid, one-on-one and applying as an international student.

The financial aid presentation will be on Tuesday Oct. 20 followed by a Q&A.

One-on-one sessions are available if students have questions about majors, the application process or even submitting documents. 

International students can attend a session on either Tuesday, Oct. 20 or Friday, Oct. 23. To learn about the international application process, required documents and other issues.

General information sessions are available where students can learn about graduate benefits, admission requirements, deadlines and scholarships.

“If you are unsure about the program you want to go into, these information sessions help you get to that point about whether or not you want to make that decision,” Steele said. “It can also provide information about what to expect at the graduate level.”

Students can schedule a meeting with Todd Steele via email at [email protected]