OU’s do’s and dont’s

Unfortunately, OU students aren’t allowed to ride unicorns around campus.

Other equally disappointing regulations can be found in the “University Housing Student Handbook.”

According to Brad Beldo, a police officer with OUPD, these 10 wacky rules are put in place with good reason.

3.10: Mobile homes, boats or trailers aren’t allowed on campus. Exceptions can be made for events. This is good—it helps the parking situation.

4.01: Aircraft may not take off from or land on campus. Exceptions can be made, such as when important people arrive in helicopters or an event uses a hot air balloon.

4.05: Boating is not allowed on campus. GrizzOrgs have had boat races on Bear Lake, but people weren’t allowed in the boats, Beldo said.

4.07: Camping is not allowed on campus. OU students and faculty have been caught camping before, usually on the golf course or in the fields.

4.14: Riding horses or other animals on campus is not allowed unless they are part of an event. This is why unicorns stay at home.

4.17: Pets have to be on a leash or in a cage and all solid waste has to be picked up. However, deer on campus may not be leashed or caged. Beldo hasn’t seen anyone try to capture a deer yet. “There are more students who are afraid of the deer than the deer are of them,” he said.

4.18: Picnics are only allowed on campus in designated picnic areas. Beldo defined a “picnic” as family reunion style—lots of people with coolers of food and paper plates blowing around like tumbleweeds.

4.19: People may not mutilate plants on campus because OU pays for its landscaping. OUPD has dealt with people taking their anger out on trees or groups of students pulling entire trees out of the ground. Replacing a small tree and paying for its installation can cost $1,000.

4.23: Swimming is not allowed except in swimming pools. Beldo has caught students swimming in Bear Lake. “They’ll be pretty sly about it,” he said, mentioning that they try to deny it as they rain lake water. Because many items, including bikes and a car, have been dragged out of Bear Lake, OU police officers have to get a tetanus shot if an emergency requires them to take a dip.

4.27: Capturing or killing wildlife on campus is not allowed. While this isn’t a problem with students, poachers have hunted deer on campus, Beldo said.

OUPD can issue tickets for breaking an ordinance, but let most students off with a warning if no one is hurt or in danger.

“We want people to enjoy their time on campus,” Beldo said.

Skateboarding is allowed on campus as long as property isn’t damaged and skateboarders don’t get in the way of the walking traffic. Beldo said that many students think it’s not allowed.