A few more things to think about

Here are some other materials/links that offer different insights into why graduation can take so long, and what can be done about it.

A matter of time

“Time is the Enemy” is a summary from national nonprofit Complete College America. While strongly opinionated, it has a plethora of research and findings from the government, and includes a section on ways to address this graduation trend. It includes ideas such as block scheduling, shorter academic terms, formal and on-time completion plans, credit hour caps, and a common general education core program that can fully transfer anywhere.

Gen. ed. debates

Speaking of general education, these requirements add two years to a student’s education at OU. The OIRA conducted a general education survey in 2012, speaking with OU advisors, faculty and students. The responses were varied; some argued that gen. ed. courses are necessary for well-rounded learning and skill development, and some argued that the classes add time and complicate scheduling. These are only a few of the points brought up.

You can’t finish when you don’t continue

One reason the four-year graduation rate at OU is so low is that many students leave before they complete their programs or degrees. In his presidential report on Tuesday, President George Hynd said that only 78 percent of students are returning to OU each year. This is higher than the 70 percent that returned in 2011. Hynd said OU is working on scholarship opportunities and other incentives to keep students coming back.