Moe’s Southwest to be replaced by The Halal Shack

Michael Pearce, Sports Editor

In an effort to increase halal options in the Oakland Center, Moe’s Southwest Grill will be replaced as soon as Thanksgiving this year.

Chartwells informed their employees and select on-campus groups like Residence Life Association (RLA) earlier in the month.

“We close on Thanksgiving,” said a Chartwells employee, who wished to remain anonymous. “Moe’s is closing because they bring in the least amount of money.”

The assembly-style restaurant, which closely resembles its competitors, Qdoba and Chipotle, was founded nationally in 2000, and has been in the Oakland Center for multiple years alongside Subway, Chic-fil-A and Panda Express.

Employees first found out about the change in venue in early October, which Chartwells confirmed later in the month.

“Students in the OC would come up to us workers,” the employee said. “The money wasn’t coming in, and students complained about a better place to eat.”

The date of replacement will be at the start of the winter semester, on Jan. 6. If that date cannot be met, the following Monday will be the date that the new restaurant, The Halal Shack, takes Moe’s place.

“A restaurant called The Halal Shack will replace Moe’s,” said Chartwells District Manager Mark McCormic. “The menu and flavors, I believe, will be a terrific addition to the food court.”

The institution of The Halal Shack was in response to the increasing demand for options that work for Muslim students. Chartwells does focus groups in both the spring and winter semesters to reevaluate their options on campus.

“During the late summer, this option became a possibility, and the university and Chartwells both thought it would be a terrific addition to the food court,” McCormic said. “Halal offerings are now in high demand on our campus, we have made some changes to some of our menus, but it was not sufficient to meet the needs of the campus.”

McCormic confirmed that Moe’s brought in the least amount of revenue of any food court option, including Plum Market. He said the only restaurant that makes less money than Moe’s is Wild Blue, the new ramen and poké bowl restaurant where Create used to be.

“We like Moe’s, it is a good product,” McCormic said. “It did not necessarily not work out. Ultimately we needed to have a halal option for our students, and we thought the flavors and menu will be a hit with all of our guests. I’m excited for the opening, and I believe it will be a hit. It is difficult changing out a known name (Moe’s) with a relatively unknown restaurant, feel free to visit to learn more. When you try it, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.”