Internship mixer

Early involvement in the professional world is one of the many opportunities that college students are offered. This was evident on Tuesday Feb. 17, when Career Services hosted their fourth annual internship mixer.

“It’s about getting out into the workforce and networking. Networking is golden,” Klaudia Mastela, an industrial engineering major, said.

Many of the companies that were in attendance have a detailed description on the OU website. Contact someone in your department for specific details on the list for your major.

“Data has shown that referrals are the number one way for a candidate to get a job,” said Alice Reyes, a career and professional development intern at Career Services. She stressed the importance of making a good impression on companies, even if they are not offering the exact position that one is interested in.

The mixer provided tips and reminders that help to land a job right out of college.

Draft a resume/cover letter

In order to begin the application process, one must first come up with a resume and cover letter to eventually be submitted to your potential employer.

Take them to Career Services

Once the resume and cover letter are drafted, Career Services will work with students to revise them. They help students to present themselves more fully and professionally in the job market.

Submit them to the internship director for your major

The internship director for each major that requires an internship can be found on the OU website.

Attend pre-internship meetings

Contact the internship director for dates and times concerning the pre-internship meetings that further prepare students for their work at the company by teaching certain skills that present them in a more professional manner.


Once the cover letter and resume have been submitted to an internship director, you may apply for the internship(s) you are interested in to receive credit.