Catching up with OUSC: Advice for the coming school year

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Catching up with OUSC: Advice for the coming school year

Destinee Rule, OUSC President

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Hi friends,

As the summer is coming to an end, here at OUSC, we have a plethora of emotions. We are excited to begin the fall semester, eager about the outcome of initiatives and events, but overall, we are ready to conquer anything and everything that will be thrown at us.

In my last column, I introduced you to the immense amount of experienced directors and legislators that we have in our organization this year. Since then, we have created an extensive, encompassing budget for the fall 2019 semester. Both our directors and legislators have decided to highlight and support an assortment of communities through events and initiatives.

Just to name a few, one of our legislators will be spotlighting the aftermath of treatment toward Muslim-Americans following the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001. Our visual communications director will be drawing attention to the disparities that our art students are facing as they attempt to afford courses and the supplies that are mandated for those courses. Lastly, our legislative affairs director is preparing to undertake the conversation of excused absences on the days of elections.

With all of the hard work our organization is doing and plans we have, we are excited to see all the hard work that OU students will achieve this fall semester.

I reached out to the executive board and asked for pieces of advice for our student body.

“Stay organized and learn time management early,” said our administrative assistant, Kara Cermak. “Learn how to study now, test out different ways that may work for you. Lastly, it’s OK to fail, but get back up and don’t let the failure ruin your life.”

Being mindful of the barriers you will face during your college experience will build resiliency and determination, however, Vice President Julia Alexander wants everyone to know there are people on this campus who will help you overcome those barriers.

“Never be afraid to ask for help on campus,” she said. “There’s so many people who want you to succeed.”

Finally, my advice for you all is to never forget where you began. The barriers and achievements you have faced made you the person you are today. Don’t get complacent with your successes, also push for more.

OUSC has plenty of resources that will equip the student body to properly execute their goals. With the events and initiatives we have planned for the fall, we want students to be mentally and emotionally prepared to embark in and complete this college journey. We also have candy, free scantrons and free printing in our office!

As Wilma Rudolph said, “The triumph can’t be had without the struggle.” OUSC is the voice for the students, and we know college is tough. I hope some of the aforementioned advice may resonate with some of you all. If you need an encouraging voice, come visit us in our office. We are students, for the advancement of students.

Stay true to yOUrself,