Registration season begins

As spring break came to an end, planning for future semesters begins.

Registration for eligible students by class standing and credit hours begins on March 23 for the summer 2015, fall 2015 and winter 2016 semesters.

Due to planning so far ahead, students must realize the importance of how to effectively register for the proper classes.

“It’s overwhelming signing up for classes because it’s hard to fit in all the classes you need with other aspects of life because some classes are only offered at a specific time or in a certain semester,” senior Jessica Wildey said.

How to successfully register:

First, make sure to plan ahead. Class registration for students begins at 6 a.m. Many classes are sure to fill up quickly, leaving students unable to sign up for desired or needed classes.

“Students should pre-plan a schedule with alternatives,” Shannon Esselink, Director of Advising Services for the College of Arts and Sciences said. “The schedules are up on SAIL now, so students have plenty of time to determine the courses they want and to come up with a list of alternatives if their first choice options fill up.”

Second, students should register for all semesters they plan to attend. Don’t wait.

“I don’t mind registering for three semesters in advance,” junior Robar Gholston IV said. “However, it’s difficult because I don’t know if my life will change or how my classes will conflict with my schedule when it comes to that time in my life.”

Although life changes and things don’t always go as planned, students should seek an advisor to help them register and plan for the future. Building a relationship with your academic adviser can eliminate confusion and stress from planning.

“My number one tip is to come seek out your adviser,” Meaghan Cole, adviser in the School of Business Administration, said. “We care and are here for you.”

It’s ideal to schedule an appointment with an adviser before registration begins, as appointment times fill up quickly, according to Sarah Mullin, an academic advisor for the School of Nursing.

“Advisers help advocate for your needs as a student by providing support and referrals within your major department and across the university,” Mullin said. “Your academic adviser has access to administrative and behind the scenes information on your student profile which may impact your registration status.”

SAILing through:

Seek an advisor.

Don’t wait until the last minute.

Create a list of alternatives if your first choice class is filled.

Make sure you are taking classes you need for your degree.

Sign up for all possible semesters at once.

Make sure the classes you choose fit in with your everyday schedule.

Plan ahead. Since you’re registering for classes a year in advance, make sure the classes compromise your lifestyle then.

Have a backup plan if your schedule fails.

If possible, try to take classes around the same time and days. Having your classes scattered throughout the days and week may create stress.

Check to see that you have the appropriate prerequisite courses.