Students rally support for those affected by ISIS

By Shelby Tankersley

Many have heard of the terror group named ISIS that has killed many people. Recently, OU students have been doing what they can in order to lessen the impact of the group.

ISIS recently released a hit list of 100 people, which includes a soldier from Dearborn, Mich. and one from Lake Orion, Mich.

“This makes me very sad. I grew up in Lake Orion and it was a great place to be.” said Henna Ata, vice president of the Muslim Student Association.

ISIS is now targeting close to home and OU students are noticing.

The View of the American Muslim

Many Muslims in America don’t like to be associated with the violence that people think of when they hear the name ISIS, and it is easy to see why.

“As an American Muslim, I strongly condemn Isis,” Ata said. “It disgusts me when I hear of the attacks Isis has committed on completely innocent individuals in the name of Islam.”

Ata also mentioned that what ISIS is doing is not a part of the Islamic faith and that it is disappointing to see people making the faith look bad.

“Islam has never said it was okay to kill innocent people, nor did it say to ever act like complete savages,” Ata said. “It is groups like this that degrade the name of Islam and make the task to show others how peaceful Islam really is very, very difficult.”

The View of the American Chaldean

Many hear on the news about Chaldeans being killed by ISIS. The Chaldean American Student Association, or CASA, at OU has been raising money to help those who are being affected by the terror ISIS is causing.

“We’re raising money because Chaldeans have been specifically targeted in the genocide from ISIS,” president of CASA Halim Sheena said. “The region in which this is taking place is the region where Chaldeans are from.”

CASA has received a good response and has been able to raise a lot of money to help those who are in need.

“We’ve raised $1,340 so far,” Sheena said.

Along with raising money to help the people from the country of their origin, CASA has very strong feelings against ISIS and would like to see their terrors put to an end soon.

“Everybody is sickened,” Sheena said. “The fact that they’re targeting the homeland of the Chaldean people is awful. For a lot of people in our group, that’s where their grandparents or their parents are from.”

So far ISIS hasn’t slowed down. However, the money raised by CASA and the attitude of those in the MSA bring many hope that they can help put a stop to this terror group.