VP candidate Glenn McIntosh displays his Grizzly status

OU is in need of a VP, one who will be a voice for the students. After hearing from the other two candidates, the Oakland community heard from one of their own, Glenn McIntosh.

“I’m a Grizzly,” Said McIntosh, Vice President of Student Affairs candidate and current Interim Vice President, when asked in front of students and faculty to explain why he would be the best choice.

“I’ve been a Grizzly for close to 21 years,” McIntosh said.“When you think about the mission of higher education, it’s a promise. That is if you truly embrace the concept of education, you’ll increase your chances of upward mobility.”

McIntosh was met with extreme support from the Oakland community in that his presentation was the most attended of the three. The crowd laughed with him and questioned him on what he would do were he given the position.

A graduate from Central Michigan University, McIntosh said that he has invested himself in OU and plans to make this school a better place. He was able to inform the crowd that he has already had a hand in making OU a place anyone can feel comfortable in.

According to McIntosh, he has been a part of the starts of the Advising Resource Center, the Student Technology Center, the Gender and Sexuality Center and Veteran Support Services.

When it came time for the students and faculty to ask McIntosh and questions, there was a former student who stood up not to question the candidate, but to voice his support for him.

The student said he would have asked why McIntosh would be impactful to the students, but he said he didn’t need to ask that question because he was an example of what the answer would be.

“I represent about 2,000 people who wouldn’t be where they are without Glenn,” De’Andre Shepard said. “I don’t really have a question, but I know the answer to the question I would have had. I’m an example of the answer, I support you and I know that you are the right choice.”

McIntosh wrapped up by stating once again that he is a Grizzly and that statement sets him apart from the others. Ultimately, it is up to the board made of students and faculty who will become the next VP of OU. The Oakland Post will provide updates as they come.