SPB Drive-In provides entertainment despite setbacks

More than 250 students rolled up to the Student Program Board’s annual drive-in ready to watch movies in the style of the 1960s. However, the event ran into a few speed bumps while putting on this program.

SPB has been planning the drive-in since before school started this year. The two movies slated for showings, “Incredibles 2” and “A Quiet Place,” were both received well by critics. Along with this, the SPB was planning on giving out free popcorn and drinks to attendees.

“This program took a couple months of planning,” said Giuseppe Giammalva, the annual events director for SPB. “This was due to the fact of finding the right movies that people enjoyed, and waiting for them to come out so we could show them.”

For weeks, advertisements have been shown around campus, telling students to come to the annual drive-in at the Meadow Brook Amphitheater. A little over a week before the event, SPB found out that the Brooksie Way race had taken the Amphitheatre space.

As a result, the drive-in had to be moved to a different location on campus. The movies were moved to P31 on the southeast side of campus. SPB officials helped direct traffic so that students wouldn’t go to the wrong location.

The parking lot quickly filled up with students excited for the showings. The setup for the movie screen went a little over the scheduled start time of 7:30 p.m., but soon after that the first movie, Incredibles 2, began playing.

Drive-in attendees could either listen to the speakers outside or they could roll up their windows and tune into a local radio station, 90.1 FM, to hear the audio of “Incredibles 2” without having to leave their car.

After the credits started to roll for “Incredibles 2,” another problem arose for the drive-in. The company that SPB contracted to show the movies last Thursday, due to a miscommunication on their end, did not show “A Quiet Place” after “Incredibles 2.”

“The person that I was working with knew that two movies were going to be shown that night, but did not relay that to the people that needed to know,” Giammalva said.

Unfortunately, students had to leave after the first showing of the night, and students coming just to see “A Quiet Place” were only met with disappointment.

“I couldn’t make it to the earlier movie, and I was looking forward to seeing ‘A Quiet Place,’” said senior Kelsie Fett. “It was really unfortunate that the second one got cancelled but it’s understandable.”

Despite not being able to show “A Quiet Place” that night, the Student Program Board still wanted to show the movie to students. Working with the Oakland Center, SPB was able to show the movie in the Banquet Rooms the following night, notifying students through social media about the event change.

“[‘A Quiet Place’] would’ve been really cool to watch in the middle of the woods, but unfortunately we did not get a chance to do that this time,” Giammalva said.