Keeping cool during the summer semester

Summer courses are a staple at nearly every college and university.

Yet, one may be left wondering about the on-campus atmosphere and advantages of courses during the two eight-week summer sessions offered at Oakland University.

Associate Professor of Communication, Dr. Rebekah Farrugia, and senior, Katy Heid, both described the on-campus atmosphere as more subdued during the summer.

Dr. Farrugia stated that campus is “quaint” which some may “prefer to the hustle and bustle of the school year”. Heid and Farrugia also both mentioned the greater number of parking spaces available as a perk of taking summer classes, something all OU students can appreciate.

Heid’s experience with online classes during the summer sessions have been positive in that she has been able to mostly go at her own pace.

While this is helpful, Heid also said that in-person classes can be more difficult because there is more content to cover in a shorter period of time. She said that tests can occur “every week and it can be a lot to handle.” 

Professors are not required to teach in the summer, according to Dr. Farrugia. She finds that summer courses can be mostly beneficial to students and staff members in that all are able to “dedicate more time, effort, and overall focus to one particular course” rather than juggling 16 or more credits, as is typical during Fall and Winter semesters.

Lower enrollment during summer semesters also frees up parking spaces while allowing for a more “personal experience” for students in classrooms, said Farrugia. 

Should Oakland hope to enliven campus during the summer months, Heid suggested that students consider in-person classes over online ones.

Dr. Farrugia believes that more students enrolling in summer courses would “boost the number of courses that could be offered which would draw more people to campus and the ripple effect could include hosting more events on campus and having more food options open in the summer as well.”

Overall, summer courses seem to be a welcome break from the busier Winter and Fall semesters, though this may not last long as things are constantly heating up at Oakland.