Sexual assault resolution to provide information for incoming freshmen

During the 2015 winter semester, Oakland University Student Congress passed resolution C.R. 15.03. This recognized sexual assault is an issue on college campuses and began to create provisions for brochures and reading materials about preventing and reporting possible assaults to be distributed to students.

Another part of the resolution is that the OUSC will aim to provide more information to incoming freshmen.

“This resolution works in tandem with the previous sexual assault resolution, C.R. 15-03, passed by OUSC last Winter,” legislator Andrew Laux and student body vice president Madison Kubinski said “C.R. 15-03 was not just a statement, it was a basis of what we planned to do, and that OU has every intention of having a tough stance on sexual assaults on campus.”

According to OUSC, the new resolution isn’t just a statement of support, but a promise to continue educating students on sexual assault awareness.

“Personally, the issue of sexual assault is one that Madison and I have taken up over the previous year; having drafted, sponsored, and passed the sexual assault resolution last winter,” Laux said.

The July resolution was one step in OUSC efforts to educate further on sexual assault awareness. On September 3rd, OUSC, Theta Chi, and the Film Makers Guild presented a video titled “It’s On Us,” a campaign video on sexual assault awareness.

In the 15.03 bill passed in the winter, both Kubinski and Laux hoped for there to be more information about sexual assault to be given to incoming freshmen.

“The key to addressing and combatting sexual assault is by increasing awareness…One assault is one too many,” Laux said.

The OUSC is not the only organization taking the step to prevent sexual assaults on campus. The Center for Student Activities hosted a campaign to end sexual assault on September 4th, as well as the aforementioned involvement of the Film Makers Guild and Theta Chi.  

For more information or to pose questions, OUSC meetings are held every Monday at 4pm.