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Calling all business transfer students

Kade Messner, Staff Intern

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Business Transfer Students (BTS) is a new student organization that helps transfer students at Oakland University make their transition to school easier. Although, the title of the organization is Business Transfer Students, non-transfer students that plan on majoring in business may also join to learn more about the process of getting their degree.

“We define ourselves as a fun and social team, ready to help any transfer student to their process of integration and create a possible friendship,” BTS treasurer Jacopo Cavallari said.

BTS hopes to make the schooling process as easy as it can be by assisting business students with what classes to take, giving on-campus guidance and just socializing like suggesting to students where the good restaurants to eat are.

The president of BTS, Zachary Johnson, is a transfer student himself.  

“We hope to guide future transfer students and help them feel more comfortable joining this wonderful college while making some lifelong friends,” Johnson said.

Originally creating the idea for BTS, Steve Farver, now a member of BTS, contacted former transfer students at Oakland University and pitched the idea to them. Thinking it was a fantastic idea, Johnson jumped on the opportunity and helped bring the organization to life.

“We were called to a meeting with Steven Farver to express our opinion about our experience of being a transfer student,” Cavallari said.

“He wanted to know the challenges and ideas to make this transition easier for future students. At the end of the meeting, he asked us if we were interested in creating a student organization that mission will be to help in the perfection of integration of future transfer students,” Cavallari said.

Hosting their first meeting to inform students on what they are this past Wednesday, BTS does not have their first event scheduled as of now, although it is in the works. To keep up to date on events for BTS, they plan to send out emails, post on GrizzOrgs, update their Facebook page, and hang flyers around campus.

“We have few ideas for events we want to prepare for the next semester,” Cavallari said.

“But mostly, we want to be known by the majority of the students. We will try to create a big event for the end of the winter semester in the school, which we hope the majority of the students will participate. For that, we would like other student organization to join us,” he added.

If interested in joining BTS, search Business Transfer Students on GrizzOrgs or message their Facebook page @BusinessTransferStudents-OU. You may also contact the president, Zachary Johnson, through email: [email protected]

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