Why Kanye West came to Elon Musk’s defense at The College for Creative Studies

The college’s Chairman of Product Design shares the full story

The word is out that Kanye West made quite the appearance at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies Tuesday, Oct. 2. Videos of West telling students to “leave Elon Musk alone” have gone viral on social media and in the news. The college’s Chair of Product Design Vincenzo Iavicoli, shared how and why things unfolded the way they did that day.

On Tuesday, Iavicoli received a voicemail around 3 p.m. stating that Dan Gilbert, CEO of Quicken Loans, and West were on their way to the college for an impromptu visit. Things escalated quickly, as the two men appeared an hour later with an a nearly 25 bodyguards.

After the celebrities’ grand entrance, Iavicoli led West through the building to speak to students. In the second class he visited, West asked if anyone heard his speech next door.  When students shook their heads no, he leaped onto a table without hesitation and gave “an unexpected speech,” that was rather unconventional, according to Iavicoli.

Apparently, West had been inspired by sketches of cars he’d passed by in the school’s transportation department. His vehement defense of Elon Musk had ensued from a conversation with faculty members over the students’ drawings.

West told them that “Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago, together, will change the landscapes of our cities.” He also proclaimed that the College of Creative Studies is “the best school in the world” and that, with his help, they will “create opportunities to reshape the planet… starting from America.”

Iavicoli admitted that, “sometimes, it was difficult to follow his (West’s) train of thought because he jumped around so much,” but regardless, everyone was thrilled.

The chairman also acknowledged that none of West’s recent controversial statements mattered to students in the moment. While a few negative opinions were voiced after the day’s events, everyone was purely awestruck in the presence of their guest. “If someone is coming, our door is always open,” he stated.

Ultimately, West’s spontaneous visit delighted the students at the College for Creative Studies. Iavicoli said it best, calling the astonishing day “a crescendo” that will be remembered for a long time to come.