Zombies invade campus at RHA walk

Students went through a path filled with zombies running and screaming, eliciting many screams from terrified event goers.

By Cheyanne Kramer

This year’s zombie walk, hosted by the Residence Halls Association, was much better than last year, according to students.

This year welcomed new changes, including a trail in the beginning of the night that led students through the Meadow Brook property, telling ghost stories along the way. Then students went through a path filled with zombies running and screaming, eliciting many screams from terrified event goers.

The first 100 participants got free shirts, saying “A night at the mansion”, referencing the stories tour guides told about the stories behind Meadow Brook Mansion.

Kristina Whitaker, sophomore student, said that this year’s event was much better than last years.

“They incorporated more to it, so it wasn’t just walking through a path with people screaming and jumping out at you,” she said, “the stories built up to it, and made everything a bit more scary”

Brianna Jaczynski, another student attendee, said that she was excited about the cider and donuts supplied at the end of the trail, and said she was excited to see the feature return this year.

Below is a small list of the stories that guides told during the event, in preparation for Halloween


  1. Matilda Wilson’s ghost

Rumor has it that Matilda Wilson haunts the halls of the mansion. The story told of a police officer bringing his wife on a ride along, and when he did his rounds in the mansion, called out to the rumored ghost, “Hey Matilda, we’re coming up!”. He was met with slamming doors and flickering lights.

  1. Third Floor East Vandenberg

The story told of two fraternity pledges who were told to flash a light in every room in the then being-build residence hall, Vandenberg. However, when they got to a room in three east, the light never shown. When the fraternity brothers went to investigate, all they found was a baseball cap.

Stories have been told of residents waking up to seeing a shadowy figure with a baseball cap watching them, and even the possibility of exorcisms taking place in the space.

  1. Danny’s Cabin

The rumor says that the cabin behind the mansion, which was once a clubhouse, used to be where the children played cops and robbers. Stories told say that shadows can be seen running through the field playing games they once did.

  1. Doll House

Matilda’s daughter had a doll house the size of a small home, completely filled with dolls. People say that today there are still dolls inside lurking inside of the house, and stories say that if you knock on the door, something may come out or respond to the knocking.