Eight things to look out for at TEDx Oakland

Oakland University is holding it’s second TEDx event on October 23rd, 2015. It will feature more than a dozen speakers discussing a wide range of topics.

Those who have a hunger for knowledge have a unique opportunity this week, as TEDx is coming to Oakland University on Friday. Featuring presenters from a wide range of disciplines, those in attendance are sure to find a variety of interesting and thought-provoking talks that TEDx has been praised for. In preparation for the event, here are a list of things to keep a watch for.


  1. Oculus Rift Virtual Reality glasses: allows you to experience video games, movies and time with friends and family in a completely new reality.  These glasses will take you to new destinations, experience them in the morning at the TEDx conferences.

  2. Performances: Oaklands own William Beaumont School of Medicines a cappella choir, DocAppella will perform musical selections.  Oakland dance groups Intrigue and Take Root will perform as well.  

  3. Drones: Skypersonic creates innovative technological and mobile devices.  They will be bringing a fascinating drone display to this years conference.

  4. OU Students Organic Farmers: Oaklands own farmers will be discussing organic farming and ways to get involved with the group

  5. Food!: Lunch is included in ticket prices, so make sure to pick up your meal after the morning sessions speakers.  

  6. Volunteers: Make sure to take a moment to thank the students, faculty, and staff that made this years conference possible.  The TEDx at Oakland University student organization is responsible for the majority of the volunteers you will see at the event.  

  7. YouTube videos: Miss a speaker?  Check out TEDx Talks YouTube channel for featured speakers from Oaklands conference.  

  8. Alumni & faculty: Oakland performance groups, alumni and past and present faculty are presenting at the conference, including Gregg Garrett, Anne & Alex Ruthmann, and Richard Stamps.