WXOU hosts radio workshop

WXOU, the campus radio station, hosted a workshop on March 2 to inform DJs about station regulations and included a presentation by two guest speakers.  

Allyson Martinek, formerly of the “Blaine and Allyson Show” on 96.3 WDVD, spoke about her career spanning 20 years with the same station. She also talked about her new book, “Living on Air,” which was available for purchase at the workshop. 

Michael Stone of “Stoney and Bill with Sara” on 97.1 The Ticket was also present.  He spoke about his career in sports broadcasting and talk-show hosting.  

According to Lauren Barthold, general manager at WXOU, Martinek reached out to the station to promote her book and present at the workshop.  Stone is a family friend of Erin Ben-Moche, news director at the station, so she and Barthold contacted him for the event as well.  

“They were both more than happy to help out and we loved having them,” Barthold said. 

Martinek explained to the audience how she originally had to drop out of her university in order to get her grades up after her freshman year. 

Despite being from a radio family, she never considered a career in broadcasting. But she soon heard about a broadcasting program that she thought would help get her GPA back up. 

She was persistent and hoped to work for 89X.

Instead, on the Monday after her graduation, she ended up at an up-and-coming alternative station in Lansing. 

A year later, she’d gone from overnight programming to morning programming. Eventually, she quit there and moved to 96.3. She survived three mass firings and twenty years before being told in 2015 that she’d lost her job. 

Stone, on the other hand, always knew broadcasting was his passion. 

“I wasn’t good enough to play or rich enough to own (a team) so that left broadcasting,” he said. 

He grew up in Philadelphia and went to American University. 

According to Stone, the college radio station was so small that the only place you could listen to it was in the dorms on campus. 

“I eventually got an internship and I did everything,” he said. 

A few years later, he was part of the longest running radio sports show in the US.

He worked at this station until President Obama’s inauguration. 

“Thankfully, I had a contract, so even though I was let go, I still got paid. I took 11 months off,” Stone said.  

In addition to talking about their own careers, the two broadcasters shared some helpful tips and tricks for aspiring radio personalities.  

The presentation was filled with ideas on how to make your own show, either real or theoretical, even better. 

From making up bits on the fly to the importance of having a passion for your job, both industry members had a wealth of knowledge to share. 

More information about WXOU can be found at wxou.org and you can tune in any time at 88.3 FM. 

Tricks of the trade

Have passion

“It’s important that it’s your passion,” Martinek said. 

Have confidence 

“Fake it if you have to, but have confidence,” Martinek said. 

Communicate with those above you 

“It’s always good to have friends in high places,” Martinek said. 

Go with the flow 

“Have the ability to reinvent yourself,” Martinek said. 

Be willing to sacrifice 

“If you want to go into radio to make a lot of money, think again,” Stone said. 

Write, write, write!

“You have to learn how to write,” Stone said

“Creativity will help you with your show. If you make up bits on the fly, people might like it,” Martinek said. 

Be real

“Be authentic,” Martinek said. “Don’t be afraid of being yourself.”

Go for it

“How bad do you want it?” Martinek asked.

“You have to have a passion for it,” Stone said.