Former Oakland basketball player Bellin injured in Brussels bombings

Sam Schlenner

Among the injured of Tuesday’s Brussels bombings was former Oakland men’s basketball player Sebastian “Seb” Bellin.

CNN published quotes from Bellin’s wife Sara saying that Sebastian’s lower body was severely damaged.

“He was rushed to a local hospital,” an Oakland news release said.

The attacks “killed at least 30 people and wounded about 230 more,” according to CNN.

“He’s in a lot of pain but he said nothing compared to what happened to other people,” CNN reported Bellin’s wife Sara as saying. “He was a lucky one he said.”

“We send our prayers to Seb and his family,” Oakland head coach Greg Kampe stated in the news release. “He is a tremendous competitor and he will fight through this.”

Kampe said Bellin keeps in touch with the Oakland basketball program and roots for it.

“Seb is a really good person through and through,” Oakland athletic director Jeff Konya stated in the release. “We are fortunate that he is an engaged Oakland ​family​​​ member and we are better for it.”

“Bellin helped lead the Golden Grizzlies to a regular season title in the Mid-Continent Conference during Oakland’s inaugural season of Division I play in ​1999-00,” the release said.


Bellin described the attack in an interview with ABC’s David Muir

“I remember seeing an explosion, the first explosion near the pharmacy at the airport,” Bellin said. “I turned my head, and I saw all these people running. Something hit me, like I got shot in the hip, and I fell to the ground.”

He noticed his wounded leg.

“I was just in shock. I couldn’t move anything. … It happened so quick,” Bellin said. “And then the ceiling starts falling, and so you don’t really know what’s happening.”

Bellin said about six firefighters got him out of there.

“The whole time, I was just, I told myself ‘I’m gonna make it. I’m gonna make it. I’m gonna make it,'” he said. “When I got in that ambulance, I knew I was good. … But until then, you got no idea.”

He was thinking about his wife and kids during the ordeal.

“I just didn’t want my girls to grow up without a dad, you know?” Bellin said, choking up. “It’s funny how many things you think of, you know? I started playing tennis with my oldest one, my seven-year-old. She’s a hell of a tennis player. And so I was like man, I gotta get through this cause she needs her coach. … It may seem so trivial, but it gets you through those moments.”

Bellin thinks his leg will be okay.

“Not gonna be playing tennis tomorrow,” he said. “She’ll have to wait.”


According to an ESPN interview with Kampe, Bellin had been helping Max Hooper get a gig playing ball in Europe.

“[Bellin] had found a team that needed a shooter,” Kampe said. “We’re playing in Vegas next week and as soon as that tournament was over, he had Max lined up to be able to go to a team in Europe and finish their season for ’em. It’s a team that’s making a run in their league championship and they needed a shooter real bad. That’s who Seb was, man, and that’s what the [Oakland] family’s about.”