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House resolution blocked, but only at first

Autumn Page, Marketing Director January 20, 2021

Last week the capital was proven to be one of the least secured government buildings in the world. The whole “civil war” that Trump supporters thought would be a good idea and flooded the Capitol —...

Apparently, Ivanka would rather have secret service members poop in the woods than in her massive house.

Terrorism vs. diarrhea: What is the bigger threat to the secret service?

Lauren Karmo, Managing Editor January 20, 2021

With the country saying peace out to the worst president we’ve had arguably ever, lots of incredible secrets about the administration are coming to the surface. You might be wondering, is this about...

Accountability is the only path to national unity

Jeff Thomas, Editor-in-Chief January 20, 2021

The road to national unity must be paved with the steaming asphalt of accountability.  The worst course of action following the events of Jan. 6, when white nationalist insurrectionists stormed Washington,...

Cover art for Iris (2020) cover by Phoebe Bridgers and Maggie Rogers.

After Trump’s loss, Phoebe Bridgers, Maggie Rogers drop ‘Iris’ cover as promised

Lauren Karmo, Managing Editor November 16, 2020

As promised, Phoebe Bridgers and Maggie Rogers delivered a heartbreaking cover of “Iris,” originally by the Goo Goo Dolls, after Donald Trump lost the election on Friday, Nov. 13. On Nov. 3, Bridgers...

Counter protester Scott Koskinen, 55, of Detroit, carries a sign that said, “Earth to losers: Go home.” Photo by Rachel Basela.

Detroit erupts into protests, celebrations following election results

Lauren Karmo, Managing Editor November 11, 2020

President-Elect Joe Biden won the state of Michigan Wednesday afternoon on Nov. 4, garnering a mixed reaction. The following days, supporters of President Donald Trump contested the vote count as those...

Trump’s top cabinet picks

Ethan Fogle, Staff Intern November 29, 2016

On election night, the results weren’t what most polls predicted. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in key battleground states and even turned blue states red, according to the National Review. Soon...

To protest or not to protest: Anti-Trump rallies

Simon Albaugh, Staff Reporter November 15, 2016

Angered by the election of Donald Trump as president, people have marched across nearly every major U.S. city in protest. And, in my opinion, this isn’t the right cause. After one of the most turbulent...

Political Focus: The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Melissa Deatsch, Political Columnist October 25, 2016

Last Wednesday marked the end of the debates for the 2016 election season. Looking back on the issues repeatedly discussed throughout the primaries and presidential debates, the Trans-Pacific Partnership...

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