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OSI and Student Affairs have been working on a unilateral restructuring of the student-led SAFAC orgs. The restructuring takes agency and independence away from student leaders and puts power in administrators hands.

OSI, Student Affairs move unilaterally in restructure of student-led SAFAC orgs

Jeff Thomas, Editor-in-Chief April 11, 2022

Changes are coming to the student-run Student Activity Fund Assessment Committee  (SAFAC) organizations and the Office for Student Involvement (OSI) in the 2022-2023 school year.  A significant restructuring...

OUSC and The Oakland Post are now hosting a student survey so OU students can share their thoughts on the university potentially lifting the mask mandate before the end of the winter semester.

OUSC, The Post host student survey on campus mask mandate

Jeff Thomas, Editor-in-Chief February 21, 2022

During last Thursday’s OU Senate meeting it was discussed that university leadership is considering potentially lifting its on-campus indoor mask mandate before the end of the winter semester. In...

University mistakenly offers 5,500 students Platinum Presidential Scholar Award

University mistakenly offers 5,500 students Platinum Presidential Scholar Award

Jeff Thomas, Editor-in-Chief January 28, 2022

Oakland University mistakenly offered their highest scholarship award to approximately 5,500 students on Jan. 4. Below is a statement The Post received from Director of Media Relations Brian Bierley...

Oakland University student Emily Sines.

Letter to the editor: In light of the contract agreement

Emily Sines, Contributor September 5, 2021

My name is Emily Sines, I am a senior majoring in political science with a minor in Italian language and culture, and I am so proud of and inspired by the faculty’s efforts to fight for respect and equity. I...

Picketers gathering between North and South Foundation Halls before their march through the heart of campus commenced.

Updates from the picket line: Day 2 — solidarity on campus, a march through the heart of OU, bargaining update

Jeff Thomas, Editor-in-Chief September 3, 2021

Starting at 8 a.m. Friday -- faculty and supporters including students, alumni and retirees picketed outside major entrances to the university. The story from the picket line was cross-campus solidarity,...

Oakland University Associate Professor of English Alison Powell.

Letter to the editor: Contract negotiations, the bond between professors and students

Alison Powell, Contributor August 24, 2021

Dear Grizzlies:  Like the word “gerrymandering,” the phrase “contract negotiations” seems designed to make you tune out. Don’t. What’s happening in the contract negotiations between Oakland’s...

Dr. Barry Franklin is one of the four candidates for Oakland University School of Health Sciences dean position.

School of Health Sciences begins search for new dean

Sarah Lawrence April 29, 2016

The Oakland University School of Health Sciences is on the hunt for new leadership.They are holding a series of open interview sessions for faculty, staff and students to attend and gather information...

Getting back on the academic track

By Cheyanne Kramer January 5, 2015

With the new semester starting this week, students have to not only get back into the academic mindset, but also figure out how to improve their academic success on campus.Students are faced with many...

Student profile of the week: Gary Essenmacher

By Chris Peralta November 19, 2013

Age/Level:20 Water Sport: Essenmacher has been playing hole set for the club water polo team since his freshman year, but he hasn’t played any intramural sports. “Unfortunately I don’t have any...

War of the words

By Scott Wolchek October 15, 2013

A battle, the likes of which students and faculty have never seen, shook the bowels of Oakland University.About 40 students stood in front of the Oakland Center last week, clutching packets full of classic...

Bringing back OPTIONS?

LeAnn Brown September 23, 2013

A group of 17 OU alumni, faculty and OPTIONS program (Oakland University Post-Secondary TransitIONS) graduates have petitioned Oakland University administrators to bring back the program.They characterize...

Adding to the Grizzly den: enrollment to top 20,000

September 14, 2013

Enrollment is projected to top 20,000 students this year for the first time in school history.Although no official number has yet been made available, Laura Schartman, who compiles the data annually in...

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