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A job can be just one connection away

Jessica Leydet, Reporter

November 9, 2016

It takes most college students four years to earn a bachelor’s degree, and after that, many are simply thrown out into the real world to find a job.  This can be difficult, especially if students don’t spend a little time...

The real weight of a 4.0

Shelby Tankersley, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2016

The almighty 4.0: glorious and virtually unattainable. Student Congress has been working to make it easier to attain, causing dedicated students all over OU to breathe a sigh of relief. Certainly flawless grades will make life...

Finding the bright side of a rough internship

Shelby Tankersley

January 10, 2016

The Google search “why you shouldn’t have an internship” yields over 1.7 million results. On top of that, there are editorials written by former students published in news outlets like Forbes and USA Today on why they regre...

The Spirit of Anthony Spak

Adam Kenney, contributor

January 3, 2016

Internships are common place among college students and are often seen as being just a part of the curriculum. Another class to take.  A requirement. Few students have the chance to reignite the spirit of an entire city, brain...

Postie Perspectives: Two sides of a coin

By Kaylee Kean

April 28, 2014

This has been an interesting few weeks.You see, these past couple of weeks have been all about the hiring process and being hired. As a journalism student about to enter her senior year, I’m beginning the straining search for...

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