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A closer look: Fear and voting in America

Alex Stevens, Political Columnist

September 27, 2016

Perhaps because of their historically low likability ratings, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appear to want to gin up unnecessary fear in order to win your vote. As is usually the case with partisan politics, each side...

Clinton vs. Trump: Debate breakdown

John Bozick, Social Media Editor

September 27, 2016

More than 80 million people watched Republican nominee Donald Trump clash with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the first presidential debate Monday night, making it the most-watched debate in American history. Hofstra...

The Real Deal: Cable News Sensationalism: An Exercise in Futility

Aditya Tiwari

February 1, 2016

Far have we come as a media based society. The newspapers and gazettes of old are now in tough competition against the internet, radio, social media posts, and televised news. For the duration of this article, I’d like to m...

Muslim students feel safe at OU

Rachel Williams

January 3, 2016

Following ISIS terrorist attacks around the world, U.S. leaders are faced with dealing with immigration and foreign policy issues that have become controversial and polarizing.   At the same time, there has been debate concerni...

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