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JAFAX 2016: What’s changed?

Cheyanne Kramer

July 6, 2016

I had the opportunity to attend JAFAX 20 this year from June 24-26, and the differences between the former Grand Valley State University event to the program put on this year were completely different, and I wanted to share my...

Detroit artist speaks at Oakland University Art Gallery

By Kaylee Kean

November 12, 2013

Detroit artist Gilda Snowden, 59, spoke at the Oakland University Art Gallery Thursday, Nov. 7 afternoon about her life of artistic work and development.Snowden’s solo exhibition, Album: A Retrospective, opened in the Galler...

Where art thou?

By Scott Wolchek

September 3, 2013

The average walk around Oakland University is generally not a slow, artistic experience, but rather, a rushed one. Hardly anyone would stop to smell the roses, much less stop to admire the art on campus, like Sydney Atkinson...

Detroit Institute of Arts faces possible liquidation

August 29, 2013

Dedicated by the people of Detroit to the knowledge and enjoyment of art. That is the motto etched into the stone, above the heavy bronze doors, of the Detroit Institute of Arts.The DIA stands, monumentally, with its large colu...

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