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Birth control: The universal struggle of women

Autumn Page, Contributor

October 16, 2019

Birth control is something that sets off warning bells in people’s minds. In some cases, it’s something a woman needs for her well-being.  Women’s rights have been scrutinized and attacked under Donald Trump’s presi...

Opinion: California passes law to pay student athletes

Lauren Karmo, Campus Editor

October 9, 2019

LAUREN KARMO Campus Editor The state of California passed a law this week allowing student athletes to accept sponsorship deals, directly conflicting with the national standard set by the NCAA. Cue the chaos. The long standing arg...

Here’s why you shouldn’t be a jerk

Autumn Page, Contributor

October 9, 2019

Channing Smith, a 16-year-old Manchester, Tennessee teenager, killed himself on Sept. 23, 2019. He attended Coffee County Central High School, and after getting into a disagreement with some classmates, they leaked Channing’s pri...

‘Riverdale’: Why we love to hate it

Taylor McDaniel, Staff Reporter

October 2, 2019

If you’ve been on twitter, tumblr or YouTube in the past few years, you’ve probably seen posts and videos roasting the cheesy, teen-drama “Riverdale.” Season four of the hit CW series returns next week, giving the interne...

Impeachment: the long road ahead

Ben Hume, Web Editor

October 2, 2019

The impeachment inquiry we never truly believed would happen is underway. Republicans and Democrats alike may have been inundated with the mention of impeachment since Trump took office, but this is certainly a surprise for eve...

Today’s scary school reality

Autumn Page, Contributor

September 29, 2019

A sobbing girl crouching on a toilet sends an “I love you, Mom” text as someone enters the bathroom. The Sandy Hook Promise video shows the depressing reality of today’s schools in America.  The video starts off with boys and girls sho...

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