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King Princess breaks hearts with debut album ‘Cheap Queen’

Lauren Karmo, Campus Editor

November 7, 2019

Although she only recently dropped her debut album “Cheap Queen,” King Princess is no stranger to fame. Gaining attention from a Harry Styles tweet last year, her first single “1950” is still beloved by the queer community i...

Kanye’s new ‘Jesus Is King’ album isn’t praiseworthy

Bridget Janis and Lauren Karmo

November 5, 2019

Kanye West came out with his ninth album, “Jesus Is King” on Oct. 25, 2019, and it has a completely different feel than past albums. Some would even say it’s a complete opposite of one of his most popular albums “Yeez...

“Bob’s Burgers” Halloween episodes ranked

Taylor McDaniel, Staff Reporter

October 30, 2019

My yearly Oct. 31 tradition is watching “Bob’s Burgers” Halloween episodes. As a jumpy scaredy-cat, it is nice to get into the spirit of the spooky holiday without being terrified and anxious, all while having a good laugh a...

Trashcan Sinatras visit Ferndale’s Magic Bag

Rachel Basela, Life&Arts Editor

October 30, 2019

Scottish indie pop band, the Trashcan Sinatras, visited the Magic Bag in Ferndale, Mich. on Oct. 21 as a part of their "One Night, Two Albums" tour. The members of the group include Francis Reader as vocals, John Douglas a...

Michael Brown: Murdered? New evidence conflicts case

Autumn Page, Contributor

October 30, 2019

Michael Brown was an unarmed, 18-year-old man who was shot by Darren Wilson, a police officer for Ferguson, Missouri. This story sent waves throughout the nation, an African American man shot by a white cop. In 2014, this was ...

Republicans storm secure impeachment hearings

Ben Hume, Web Editor

October 30, 2019

Dozens of House Republicans stormed the secure location where bipartisan impeachment hearings were being held last Wednesday, Oct. 23. Led by House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), the mob of old white men forced a delay to ...

SFH class relocations can harm English, communication, foreign languages students and faculty

Katie Valley, Content Editor

October 30, 2019

Students from various departments at Oakland University will soon be affected by classroom changes with South Foundation Hall’s (SFH) closure for renovations. Professors have been asked by the provost's office and the Regis...

Chartwell$: Exploiting Students for Money

Michael Pearce, Sports Editor

October 30, 2019

Talk to anyone around campus with a meal plan. They'll usually tell you the same thing: "I'm already so low on my declining dollars." It's no secret the prices of food on campus are way too high, but everyone just seems ...

Time: A luxury we CAN afford

Liz Kovac, Engagement Editor

October 28, 2019

It’s midterm season. Maybe you’ve finished your last one. Maybe there’s some still waiting for you. Either way, you’re stressed. Now more than ever, you feel that there are not enough cells in your brain. Not enough days...

Tragedy of Harry Dunn sparks criticism of ‘diplomatic immunity’

Autumn Page, Contributor

October 23, 2019

Harry Dunn, a 19-year-old teenager from the U.K., was killed in late August 2019. He was hit while riding his motorcycle near Croughton, England.  You may be thinking, “OK, why does this matter?” Well, the person who ...

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