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Letter to the editor: COO position

Eliza Hensley

November 8, 2015

Last week in one of my classes, the topic of OU’s new COO was brought up and it led to an interesting conversation.  I, like most of the students I have talked with, had no idea about the recent hire.  After class I decide...

Letter to the Editor

Mary Catherine Moeller

October 19, 2015

On behalf of the Golden Grizzlies Band I would like to offer our sincerest apologies for any misconduct that Ms. Moeller, the Vitality Dance Team and the Winter Guard Club may have witnessed at the OU Football Club game on Saturday, October 17. It is regrettable to hear that the band might have been perceived as an organization that is anything other than supportive to the groups on campus.When I learned of Ms. Moeller’s allegations, my staff and I quickly looked into the situation and found no reason to believe that any member of the band made “sexist comments and belittling remarks” as reported in Ms. Moeller’s  letter. While I cannot deny what Ms. Moeller heard, I can say with a certain degree of confidence that any disparaging remarks did not come from a Golden Grizzlies Band member. Regarding our behavior at Oakland home basketball games, I can offer that I am proud of the way the Golden Grizzlies Band represents the university. For each of these games, win or lose, the band is supportive of the team and the other spirit organizations such as the Grizz Gang and the Oakland Cheer Team.  Along with these groups, the Golden Grizzlies Band has helped transform the culture of audience participation at games. Rather than just sitting passively in their seats, the crowd is now standing, cheering and showing school spirit as they support the team. Our school, like so many universities, has developed traditions over the years and I have learned Ms. Moeller is offended by the band’s counting of what is referred to as “hair flips” by the Oakland Cheer Team during their routines. This practice has taken place for a number of years now and the Cheer Team seems to enjoy this banter as much as the band. If at any point the Cheer Team were to ever tell us to refrain from this, I can assure that we would comply.  With that said, the band deeply regrets that the Vitality Dance Team was made to feel that we disrespected their contribution at the Football Club game. I think it was difficult for the band to understand that this might be misinterpreted by another group.I hope this letter might help to provide an explanation for what was observed and perceived from our performance at that game. It should be said the band has been disheartened by Ms. Moeller’s letter, because they take great pride in representing Oakland both musically and as a spirit organization. In the coming weeks that precede the beginning of the basketball season, the band and I will reflect on our traditions and whether they may go too far. Finally, it is my sincerest hope that when students, alumni and fans come to the games this season that we would make them proud to be a part of Oakland University. 

Letter to the Editor regarding “Battle of the sexes: Education” and the Misguided Notion that Gender is Binary

By Grace Smith

June 8, 2015

While flipping through last week’s issue of the Post, the headline “Battle of the sexes” caught my eye. I was utterly astounded to find that the outdated phrase was being used sincerely in a discussion about education and sex (gender was never mentioned). I know that I sp...

Letter to the Editor: Oakland’s financial aid is unreliable

By Alexander Norris

April 15, 2015

Recently, Oakland University awarded me $2,000 for a Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG).This grant is awarded to those with low Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). The money was given to me through direct d...

Professional Readiness Examination presents problems to education students

Contributed by Alicia Pemberton

January 27, 2015

The Professional Readiness Examination (PRE) is a test that most education students, including myself, are stressing over.I feel like I am a capable student and will one day be a capable teacher, but I have taken this test multiple ...

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