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Disney+’s “Mulan” not a must-buy

Bridget Janis, Staff Reporter

September 9, 2020

Disney princess movie, “Mulan”, got a complete makeover with a whole new mature vibe and action oriented plot. Disney+ released the remake of “Mulan” on Friday, Sept. 4, after the original release date of March 9 was pus...

SMTD connects with Broadway, Tony winners

Bridget Janis, Staff Reporter

September 9, 2020

The Summer Masterclasses Series provided opportunities to students to go in front of a class and get critiques from a professional that is well-respected in their field. This summer, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Oakland University st...

Social distancing and the voices of OU’s education

Jeff Thomas, Contributor

September 2, 2020

Five months into this thing, and six feet apart is getting further all the time. There’s a feeling of isolation when every smiling face at the supermarket is covered by a mask. There’s a special kind of sadness when the only c...

Campus groups promote sustainability

Bridget Janis, Staff Reporter

August 31, 2020

Oakland University has multiple campus groups which take steps to support the campus’ sustainability. There is a Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) at OU that has a mission of reducing energy use by 40% in the Southeast Michigan tri-co...

Junior receives $10,000 leadership in engineering scholarship

Rachel Yim, Staff Reporter

August 25, 2020

Peyton Schmid, a junior at Oakland University, was recently named one of the ten nationwide recipients of the prestigious Ford Alan Mulally Scholarship in engineering. The Alan Mulally Scholarship, named after the former Ford Motor ...

New trend “doomscrolling” emerges from social media

Alexis Mattson, Contributor

August 24, 2020

Senior Noah Thompson said he gravitates toward Twitter for news. He said he wanted to stay informed about COVID-19 during quarantine, but updates made him feel “automatically weighed down by fear.” According to the Merriam-Webster...

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