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Political Focus: Apple Vs. FBI; Personal Privacy Vs. National Security

Melissa Deatsch

February 29, 2016

What’s the issue?For the past few weeks, the headlines have been full of updates from the fierce controversy between Apple and the FBI.  The federal government has asked apple to unlock the phone used by the San Bernardino terror...

Political Focus: The Clean Power Plan

Melissa Deatsch

February 15, 2016

What’s the issue?Early last week, the Supreme Court stepped in to block President Obama’s latest plan to combat climate change.  The plan, entitled the Clean Power Plan, requires states to meet carbon emission reduction standar...

Review: Ryan Reynolds kills it in “Deadpool”

Scott Davis

February 12, 2016

Deadpool takes the average superhero origin story and turns it into a raunchy, violent and inappropriate affair that should please fans of the source material. Deadpool is one of the most popular Marvel characters that most non-...

Political Focus: Obama’s Executive Orders on Immigration

Melissa Deatsch

February 8, 2016

What’s the issue?On Jan. 19, the Supreme Court of the United States announced it would consider whether Obama’s executive orders on immigration exceeded his power as president.These executive orders, originally proposed in la...

How “Race” tracked the icon

Scott Davis

February 3, 2016

Winner of four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens is the definition of a sports icon. The fastest man in the world at the time not only broke track records, but he broke cultural barriers as well.      T...

Political Focus: Defunding Planned Parenthood

Melissa Deatsch

February 1, 2016

What’s the issue?Planned Parenthood has landed itself back in the news this past week but this time it’s in their favor.The Center for Medical Progress released secretly recorded videos last July that suggested that Plann...

Political Focus: Raising the minimum wage

Melissa Deatsch

January 25, 2016

What’s the issue?In last week’s Democratic debate, all three presidential candidates were asked the same question.  “Complete this sentence: in my first 100 days in office my top three priorities will be – fill in the blank....

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