Student Congress wants your ideas

By Web Master

Guest Columnist STEVE CLARK

Student Body President

I like to spend money; whether it’s on clothes, food, an iPod or at the bar. I think other people like to spend money too. I am inviting everyone that is involved with Oakland University to help us decide how to spend our money.

The Oakland University Student Congress has rollover money from last year and we are trying to decide the best way to use this money to better our university.

Who better to ask than the student body? Unfortunately, getting involved seems to be hard for Oakland’s thousands of students.  

You may be thinking that it should be easy to spend thousands of dollars ­— well, it isn’t. Or you might be thinking you don’t really care, which is OK too. And no, we are not going to spend all of this money on a football team; however I would love to see one here at Oakland.

The congress as well as the executive board has come up with some ideas on how to spend it, including a shuttle bus system serving the campus and outlying areas. Another idea is to put in a disc golf course on campus.

Whatever the congress and the executive board decide to do, I want opinions from people not involved with student government at OU.

OUSC is funded by students and therefore this money is essentially your money. I can assure you we won’t just give you your money back, but we are looking to buy/build things to enhance students’ experience here at Oakland.  

Although I am very proud to soon graduate from OU, I believe Oakland is far from a perfect university. The experience of college is not only the 12 or so credits students take a semester, but the overall life experience that a school offers.

Oakland, in my humble opinion, is failing in this aspect.

You don’t have to have a specific title or be someone special to give us a suggestion on spending this money. All you have to do is stop by our office in the basement of the Oakland Center.

If Halo and browsing Facebook ever get old, come get involved.