Student Life Weekly

By Web Master

Aniesha K. Mitchell

Retention Coordinator, Academic Skills

It’s hard to believe more than half the semester has already passed. Many students have experienced and survived midterms and papers, but now what’s next?  For students who are taking 100 and 200 level courses, they have already gotten a glimpse of their possible collegiate future through midsemester evaluations.   

In an effort to promote academic success, in 2003 the University Senate mandated all instructors of 100 and 200 level courses to provide students with an indication of satisfactory or unsatisfactory mid-semester progress. This allows students to gauge their academic progress and seek assistance if necessary. Professors either issue students a numerical grade, an “S” to indicate the student is earning above a 2.0, or a “U” to indicate the student has below a 2.0.

Midsemester grades were posted Oct. 14 and can be accessed via the OU SAIL system. If you have received a “U” in a course, it is recommended that you take the following steps:          

1.  Speak to your professor. Specifically, ask what can be done at this point academically to enhance class performance.

2. Seek assistance in the Academic Skills Center, 103 NFH. Free tutoring is available for most 100 and 200 level courses.

If after meeting with your professor and seeking assistance there is still a possibility you will fail a course, explore the option of a withdrawal. This should be a last resort. Before withdrawing, if you receive financial aid, you must meet with a financial-aid advisor. The last day for official withdrawal for Fall 2008 classes is Tuesday, November 4. To withdraw, visit the Registration Office in 100 O’Dowd Hall and submit an official withdrawal form, or you may also withdraw from courses via OU SAIL.

So, if you have gotten a glimpse into your academic future and things seem bleak, remember there’s still hope. Keep in mind, even if you have not received a “U” in a course for midsemester evaluations, this does not guarantee success. Continue to work hard and put forth your best efforts to finish strong and remain in good academic standing.