Letter to the editor: LGBTQ legislation in North Carolina

In recent weeks, there has been much furor in national media outlets over a bill which has emerged from the North Carolina Assembly. This bill has even been characterized by our friend Ryan Fox as a “massive waste of time.” However, I believe this legislation is a common-sense solution to a prevailing issue besetting our country.

The primary purpose of government is to protect the safety of its citizens. The original Charlotte law jeopardized the safety of students in that city. Under that law, any guy could walk into the girl’s showers so long as he claimed he identified as a girl. He would never have to verify the sincerity of that claim. This not only would be an awfully awkward scenario, but one fraught with potential danger as well. The Legislature did well to respond in such a quick and efficient manner.

Their response was both diplomatic and effective. Under the new law, multi-person showering facilities are accessible to only one sex, male or female. However, the law specifically allows local schools to set aside single person facilities for LGBTQ students. In other words, the North Carolina Assembly protected the safety of all their students and also allowed transgender students to use more private facilities. A common sense solution indeed.