Ayers speech as an event for photographer


Staff Intern

This is a photo of educational speaker, Bill Ayers, speaking to a crowd in the Gold Rooms on March 24. I was taking pictures of Ayers for the Oakland Post, and as I told my dad, I didn’t realize that I was the guy taking pictures. I was and still am used to watching the other guys, (not me) taking pictures.

The Ayers speech was quite an event. The turnout was huge that people were being turned away as there was not enough room. Police presence was noticeable given Ayers’ profile, along with protestors to fit the bill. In addition, there was also a noticeable media presence aside from the Oakland Post in the Gold Rooms.  Of the most notable, the protestors had made themselves known. They could be seen holding signs denouncing Ayers.           

 Ayers had discussed educational equality, talking in regards to how schools in one city can be run and schools and another can be run. One example used was the Chicago school system as he is associated with the system in Chicago. Comparisons with Detroit and Pontiac’s school systems were made.

 Ayers took the time to answer questions, with questions in regards to his protest days asked by his protestors and others asking questions about the education system. It was interesting to see people’s reactions and hear their thoughts in regards to what Ayers was discussing, and it reminded me why I enjoy being in journalism: Because we see it and report it.