Campus golf course open to the public

By Karrie Trzcinka

Contributing Reporter

In the midst of summer vacation, Oakland University’s two on-campus golf courses could be a fine solution to an afternoon with nothing to do.

The Katke-Cousins and R&S Sharf courses are located on the east side of campus near Meadowbrook Hall. Their picturesque settings are just one of the things that they have to offer.

Many students are not aware of the golf courses and the variety of events that take place there. They have special prices for full-time Oakland students.

According to OU’s Golf and Learning Center, students can play nine holes for $13, and 18 holes for $14 on a weekday.

“Students get the best rate than anyone,” said Perry Busse, PGA golf pro.

Busse also works at the Golf and Learning Center. He has been involved with the courses for four years and runs the courses, which have 36 holes and a driving range.

The course has 625 members with an average age of 50. Busse said that he would like that to change.

“I and other PGA members need to get younger people involved,” he said.

Busse is hosting many events at the course this summer. One of the upcoming events he will be teaching is a two-hour golf clinic Saturday, June 20. Interested golfers will have the chance to get lessons from six PGA golf pros.

Prices for this event are $20 for alumni, $25 for alumni guests, and $20 for Oakland University students.

Professional golfer Bob Moss has been golfing at OU’s golf course for 20 years. He likes many qualities of Katke-Cousins better than any other course in Michigan.

“I love the difficulty, beauty, and great staff,” Moss said.

Oakland instructor Garry Gilbert said he’s played golf on the Katke Cousins course over 100 times.

“The Katke Course is rated among the 20 most difficult in the state,” Gilbert said. “[The course is] built on beautiful ground with natural elevation changes, mature trees and several creeks.”

But the thing he said he likes most about playing on campus is the people that he meets on the links.

“Most have some affiliation or interest in OU. They are alums, donors, students or staff. I’ve met a few jerks on public and private golf courses, but never at OU,” he said.

Golf Digest ranks the R&S course in the top 25 of over 800 throughout Michigan.

The reduced prices will allow beginners to golf at an award winning location without hurting their wallets.

For more information, visit or call Busse at (248) 364-6300.