I will call the cops on you

There are some laws that I couldn’t disagree with enough; for example, the federal criminalization of a harmless plant when top killers like alcohol and cigarettes are regulated.

It would have to be a dangerous situation for me to feel compelled to narc on somebody for that.  But there are some laws that I don’t think are enforced enough.

And perhaps that’s why it makes me so pissed when I see somebody roll their car window down, stick their arm out, and toss a juice box out onto Walton Boulevard. I mean, if you’re going to blatantly litter, at least litter a used mattress or soiled reclining chair. If you’re going to make a statement, don’t do it with something that belongs in a fifth grader’s lunch box.

It’s equally painful to live in the same world as people who actually drive as if they are playing Grand Theft Auto, steal, cheat, or rip trees out of people’s lawns.

This is a message to any of those people out there, as well as a message to everybody else who is as furious as I am when you see people do these things. God I wish I had a siren and some handcuffs sometimes.

“I always know my surroundings,” these people might say. “I never get caught because I look for cops.”

While officers of the law might not be around, I am. And hopefully, other engaged citizens are around too, with the Oakland County Sheriff dispatch (248-858-4950) or Oakland University Police dispatch (248-370-3331) in their favorites.

There are so many things I realize that I cannot change. But I can and I will continue to get my jollies by calling the police when I see a drunk driver, when I perceive somebody to have road rage, or when an idiot litters on the street.

I am also out there calling for when I think somebody needs help. You can’t always assume that somebody has already called for themselves, and you also cannot assume that it is safe to help them yourself. I call when I see a car accident, or a woman stranded on the highway.

I’m sick of this apathy that still lingers. I’m tired of hearing my friends think they are too good at checking their rear view to get caught. Just know, I’m out there.