Q&A with residence directors: Walks with Campus Leaders

On April 27, Oakland Post photographer Bohdanna Cherstylo participated in the second of five Walks with Campus Leaders scheduled for this spring. The walk was led by Oakland University residence directors Travis Gibler, Babara Kaytser and Anthony Webster.

Each walk is led by a different campus leader and coordinated by Stephanie Willis, Campus Recreation wellness and educational outreach coordinator. The previous walk was led by Dr. Alison Hynd

Cherstylo asked the residence directors about their experience leading the walk. 

What is your role as leaders for this walk?

Barbara Kaytser: That’s actually a really great question. I was actually wondering that myself. Maybe because we are a good mid-section of Housing, and if anyone had questions about Housing, we could speak to what happens on the ground and a little bit to what happens above us.

In what way do you believe that these walks are benefiting campus life?

Travis Gibler: I think it’s a good networking opportunity in order to know different people that are working on different parts of campus. Also to have some activity during your day because it is easy to just sit at your desk all day.

Would you be interested in doing another walk like this and, if so, why?

Anthony Webster: I most definitely would. It’s a great chance to get to know other people and network. We are in our offices all day, then you get to come out here and get some exercise and talk to many other people you usually wouldn’t see.

What were your favorite parts of the walk?

Webster: The stairs [behind the Rec Center], definitely. 

Kaytser: I met some new people, and I didn’t know we had an autism center on campus. So it’s really cool to do some networking, get out and about, and it’s a beautiful day!

Upcoming Walks with Campus Leaders are listed below. All walks gather at 12:00 p.m. at the Elliott Tower. 

  • May 23 – Scott Kunselman, chief operating officer
  • June 24 – Patricia Wren, program director of the Health Sciences and Applied Health Sciences Programs