Well-being emphasized with Campus Rec department name change

The formerly named Department of Campus Recreation has begun the shift and marketing campaign for their new identity as University Recreation and Well-Being.  

The name change was announced on May 1 and has been in discussion for years, according to Director Greg Jordan.  

Jordan said that the name change was finalized around the first of the year and fits the department’s job description better.  

“We feel it is a much better descriptor of who we are and what we do. It aligns very smartly with the updated Oakland University Strategic Plan,” he said. 

Beyond the Recreation Center itself, the department oversees the outdoor complex, fitness programs, health assessments, specialty classes and student organizations involving sports.  

“It encompasses a much broader area, the entire university,” Jordan said.  

University Recreation and Well-Being released a statement on the name change further explaining the shift.  

“In identifying the rationale for the name change, much consideration was given to what the community perceived the department as doing, and what our primary objective should be as we move forward with meeting the needs of the patron,” the press release stated.

With the name change, the department is working to further continuity with the Oakland University brand.  

Jordan explained that students may notice some cosmetic changes at the Recreation Center itself, such as the staff wearing black and gold shirts instead of their previous red ones.  

Further renovation and expansion for the Recreation Center are still in discussion.  

The department views the name change as a chance to focus on well-being beyond physical health.  

“The well-being part is more of a state of being,” Jordan said. “It’s an action word. There are many components of well-being. We’re trying to bring awareness to the various different components of well-being across the institution.”

Jordan explained that the department will further collaborate with other programs and units on campus to to enhance student and staff well being in all aspects.  

“We will seek out new opportunities to work with additional areas on campus in delivering programs and opportunities that explore other dimensions [of well-being],” the press release said.  

As the department continues with its new name and marketing strategy, they hope that students will assist in encouraging familiarity by referring to the unit as “Rec Well.”  

While the name change creates a shift, the purpose of the department remains the same.  

“Our core mission continues to focus on life balance and student development,” Jordan said.  

For more information on University Recreation and Well-Being or OU Rec Well, visit oakland.edu/recwell.