Bellin might return within the month: Former player’s recovery ahead of schedule

Former Oakland men’s basketball player Sebastien Bellin might return to the United States in two to three weeks, according to a news release (click). He is recovering in Europe after being injured in the lower body by the Brussels airport bombing almost two months ago.

“I’m feeling very optimistic,” Bellin said in the news release. “This Monday (May 9), I will have scans and x-rays done on my reconstructed hip. If they are positive and show good signs of ossification, I’ll be cleared to start using crutches once the leg surgery on May 13th is finalized. If all goes well, I should be heading back to Michigan in two or three weeks. I’m more than a month ahead of schedule.”

Bellin has a surgery scheduled for Friday, May 13th “to insert (drill) a large intramedular nail in his left knee that will act as his tibia for the next year,” according to a GoFundMe page set up to help his family with the expenses of his injury.