On second thought: Sexting is OK for some, not OK for others — but fun for all

By Daud Yar

Society is much different now than it was yesterday. It seems that every day a new gadget is developed to make our lives easier. And like primitive creatures, we use this technology to fulfill our carnal needs.

Before sexting, short for “sex texting,” life was simple. Lonely men and women could call a professional for some oldfashioned “phone sex.”

But those days are gone. Now, anyone can text his or her spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, or friend with benefits their hot pictures, captioned with some dirty wordage.

Not surprisingly, everyone is getting into it. Like a dog chasing a postal truck, people are suckers for new fads and have no regard for consequences.

Celebrities and public figures are no exception to this rule. Famous people like NFL quarterback Brett Favre, who allegedly sexted a New York Jets employee, are catching the media’s eye for potential foul play.

Still others have been caught red-handed: Kwame Kilpatrick, Lily Allen, Senator John Ensign and Tiger Woods, to name a few.

This growing trend worries me. All sorts of people look up to celebrities, whether for their music, political action or star power. Their message is clear: Feel free to document intimately inappropriate thoughts — you won’t get caught.

For people constantly under a watchful eye, this message is foolhardy. Someone sooner or later will catch on to their cyber-erotic behavior. I don’t have to mention what happens then; just look at the fates of those mentioned above.

On second thought…

What about everyone else? Does the same rule apply? Is it wrong for normal folk to sext?

Absolutely not.

Sexting is pretty hot. It opens a new dimension to a relationship. Instead of only talking via phone or in person, words become a key to blissful arousal.

For unknown people, with our low-key presence and regular lives, we deserve to sext till we drop. Why? Because no one cares about the affairs of boring people.

So what is the future of sexting?

For better or worse, sexting is here to stay. Unfortunately, every month is sure to feature a witless star or a political juggernaut falling from grace with no understanding of ethical values.

The common man, meanwhile, can be comfortable typing away his next sext with no worries and sexy days ahead.