A fashion tip for 2011: Leggings are not pants

The year 2010 saw a new trend rear its unflattering head.

The question of whether leggings are pants has never had to be asked before, but now, everywhere one goes, a pair seems to be following.

The unfinished look is, in a word, awkward.

If you look into the mirror and feel like something is missing, then you should probably slip on either a skirt or a dress.

Even wearing longer tops is acceptable. A tunic or longer shirt that sufficiently covers your assets will complete a cute outfit.

But wearing a short top and only leggings is a taboo that should be restricted to young children, who have diapers to save their decency and who cannot make fashion decisions for themselves.

The issue of leggings as pants is comparable to wearing tights as pants.

As far as I’ve seen, the tights idea has not caught on — yet. We should all be thankful.

But there is a line, and donning a mere pair of leggings crosses it.

If you are unable to break away from the new trend, then there is another fashion alternative that adds some class to your outfit.

The redemption comes in the form of jeggings, which are relatively new — many still have no idea what the term means when it is referenced.

The word originates from an atrocious blending of the terms “jeans” and “leggings” and they are created from a material suggestive from the name that is half denim, half spandex.

But there are two types, and only the second is permissible.

The first type of jegging is like a pair of seam lined leggings only with a denim feel. They have an elastic waistband and no pockets. These are still leggings and still a no-no.

The second type of jegging incorporates belt loops, pockets and a fly with real hemming, and approaches the situation with infinitely more tact, imitating the appearance of a pair of very skinny jeans.

With the year coming to a close, let’s hope that the trend of leggings as pants follows suit and people come to realize that divulging their goods is often times more unattractive than not.

2011 will bring around new trends in fashion, but hopefully we will not regress to any more unnecessarily revealing clothing items and move forward toward a better tomorrow.