Editorially speaking

The editorial board recently stumbled across old copies of the 1960s student publication Outcry. We were enthralled by its snarky nature and sass — two qualities we possess large quantities of. We also saw some parallels between Michigan State University-Oakland and present-day Oakland University. Outcry and its “Editorially Speaking” section inspire this editorial.


Now — It’s still pretty great — when it’s warm enough to enjoy it.

Nov. 2, 1962 —  “Someday perhaps the administration should try to eat a hamburger from our Grill. We don’t mind paying high prices, unlike other schools, in order to pay off the Oakland (Student) Center bonds …”

Now — Presumably the Oakland Center’s completely paid for by now. So why are food prices still so high?

Nov. 28, 1962 — “Thank you. The restricted parking signs have been taken down from in front of the library. How about it, students. Let’s do our part and observe the ‘Reserved for Guests’ sign which is posted for the last three spaces closest to the library.”

March 30, 2011 — And they only had 1,259 students to worry about back in ’62. Nearly 40 years later, students still have trouble observing parking signs. Park at metered spots without paying at your own risk, but leave the handicap spots for those who need them.

These reflections got us thinking, so here are some more of our own “Editorially Speaking” tidbits.

Don’t drive like a crazy person around the parking lots. Do you want to be run over when walking out to your car? Didn’t think so.

Write a signed letter to the editor if you want to express your concerns. Our letter policy is in the gray box on this page.

But please note: Editorials are not articles. There is reporting, but we also are expressing opinion, which often involves invoking emotion.

The probability of Grizznet working is about the same as a person’s chance of finding a convenient parking spot at noon.

Please stop defacing our newsstands by putting items on them or on the newspapers themselves.

Babies, cupcakes and puppies are always welcome in our newsroom. Inquiries about free food and yelling are not.

Bathrooms should not be napped in when there is a recliner lounge right down the hall. Do not nap where you crap.

We don’t take campaign materials being handed out because we have all felt the stinging rejection after someone refused a newspaper from one of us.

Votes cannot be bought or sold. Free stuff is great, but it’s the platform that counts on Election Day.

Traffic in the roundabout should be continuous. Also, lane lines should be painted.

Speaking of the roundabout: When will the statue of Greg Kampe riding a grizzly bear be constructed in the middle of it?

Fifty years from now, we wonder if expensive food and a lack of expansive parking will continue to be a problem.

Until then.