COLUMN: Wings a game away from miraculous comeback

It was looking like the only flying the Detroit Red Wings were going to be doing was on their flights headed back home.

After a confident 4-0 sweep of the Phoenix Coyotes, the Wing’s were flying high.

But with a 0-3 deficit against the same San Jose Sharks who sent Detroit packing last year, it seemed the Octopi had become Shark Bait for what looked to be the second season in a row.

Now the series has turned.

Detroit won Game 4 on a last minute goal and miraculously came back from 3-1 deficit in the third period in Game 5.

Back in Detroit, the Wing’s dominated the play, but again came from behind to win 3-1.

With the Wing’s facing elimination, the pressure is on more than ever. Detroit will take on one of the hardest tasks in sports history trying to come back from a 0-3 deficit to the series.

Three key aspects need to happen in order for the Wings to become the fourth team to complete the 0-3 comeback: the power play has come alive, the defense needs to continue to score, and most importantly Jimmy Howard needs to keep coming up big.

The power play has been sub-par at best for Detroit. Going 0-for-2 in a scary Game 5 and 0-for-4 in Game 6, can’t happen, especially in Game 7 back in San Jose.

As for the aggressive play from the defense, the scoring from the back line has almost single-handedly kept the Wing’s in this series.

In Games 4, 5, and 6, defensive scoring helped the Wings avoid elimination.

Lidstrom tallied two goals in Game 4. In Game 5 Jonathan Ericsson and Niklas Kronwall each scored goals and in Game 6 Kronwall added another.

Without this scoring from the defenseman, the series would be over.

Lastly, Jimmy Howard needs to keep doing what he’s done all series long; stand on his head.

Howard has faced an onslaught of San Jose Sharks shots in each of the six games, but has made some unbelievable saves and is slowly but surely quieting the goalie controversy in Detroit.

It seems like whenever the Wings need Howard to come up with that one big save, he’s there, and they’re going to need him to come up bigger than ever in Game 7.

At the start of the series the Wings looked like a team ready to make it back to the Promised Land, but instead the San Jose Sharks came out looking to bounce them early again.

If the Wing’s are to be the fourth team in NHL History to complete the 0-3 comeback, they may need a miracle, but this is Hockeytown and in Hockeytown anything can happen.