Blogging as an Internet art form

Anyone with a creative incentive towards life knows the difficulty of dry spells that follow our explosive bouts of art. So as I see it, when it comes to writing as a form of art in the context of blogging, same story.

I have read tips towards blogging success and articles on keeping your blog “tidy” yet the real challenge for myself lies in producing worthy writing — and keeping the worthy writing flowing.

I admit I’ an amateur, a newbie, fresh meat when it comes to the world of blogging but I enjoy the art of writing. After a little bit of self-evaluation of my knowledge on the concept of blogging, I decided to throw in some advice from others with more experience.

The focus here is the content. Yes, I believe in the importance of appearance or what site to blog from but I think the most important thing is using the talent one may have as a writer and as a creative person. I’ve found some tips from different bloggers, each having their own opinion to a successful blog. By combining them together I think we will all learn a little bit from each of them.

Chris Kahler, a guest author on blogged about building rapport with your audience. Persuasion without manipulation is connecting with the audience by hitting them where it counts. This theory ties in well with another professional blogger.

Karen Walrond from BlogHer says in her blog post “How to Blog (Better): Getting Started” says “ it’s a good idea to write about something your passionate about.”

I completely agree. If I write about sports, for example, all that may come of it would feebly formed sentences that sports fans would find to be hideous and difficult to comprehend. Although when it comes to sarcasm and life experiences I might be able to produce something more artistic…give or take a little.

Annabel Candy wrote in her blog post “The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers” that “effective bloggers are persistent.” Basically, real success doesn’t happen in your first post which is the expectation that I usually seem to fall short with. I believe most of my writers block to be “blocked” by my own unrealistic expectations towards success.

A common suggestion I hear from writers is to write a lot. Which I do and I don’t.

That’s where Candy kicks me in the butt with this one:

“Effective bloggers are self-starters”…”If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to be a self-starter. It’s not enough to have good ideas. You have to act on them”.

Enough said, Candy.

My chaotic brain has been able to conjure up thousands of good ideas, but do I ever act of them? I’ll be honest, rarely. So thus a starving artist I continue to be.

One may begin to wonder what the point is and I can promise there is a point. I was skeptical of the entire idea at first but after a while I have found it somewhat addictive. I can hide behind a fake username, identity, create my own topics or I can come out strong as the person I am, vulnerable and without fear of who may or may not critique my work.

It is a stress relief, a creative outlet, a hobby or practice for the individual with a love for words, art, and business, whatever it may be. It’s freedom to come out however we want to, truth or lie, happy or sad, love or hate. It gives us a voice.

A voice so many of us have yet to use. Whoever you are, whatever your message is , pick something, stand for it and get it out there.

For me, writing is a necessity. Writing is what keeps me on my toes. Although I may pick it up and put it back down it is an escape for me, but also a way to connect. With a blog, my writing is vulnerably thrown out there. It isn’t rotting away in my brain or wasting space in a notebook hidden in my tabletop drawer anymore.

With that, I am forced to continue my struggling creativity.