BAND PROFILE: The Jet Rodrigeuz

By Postie Editors

Coming from a suburban area in Chesterfield Township, the local band known as The Jet Rodriguez has begun to grow in popularity with the Oakland community.

Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist, Cameron Navetta began writing songs and learning to play guitar when he was only 13-years-old.

After years of practice and dedication, Navetta released a solo home-recorded album, Seven Hour Night Shifts in 2009 under the name The Jet Rodriguez, which originated from the movie The Sandlot.

This first album gained international recognition by the Northern Ireland BBC Radio Ulster.

Six months after the release of Seven Hour Night Shifts, Navetta and a high school friend Daniel Bowron began recording together to form a combination of Navetta’s guitar and vocal work with Bowron’s simultaneous bass drum and banjo playing.

“My move full-time to the drums was good for the band,” Bowron said. “It’s something we all knew I had to do if we were going to get serious about our sound. It forced us to start practicing a lot more consistently, and our chemistry with that setup became very apparent.”

With a new sound added to the first album, The Jet Rodriguez took their talent to local venues, such as The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, The Crofoot in Pontiac and The Elbow Room in Ypsilanti, where Ypsilanti native and folk legend, Matt Jones played as a supportive opening act for the band.

After graduating from Anchor Bay high school in 2009 Navetta and Bowron were joined by current bass player, Bryan Squires who became familiar with the duo during Oakland’s open mic nights where they would play every Thursday.

With a new addition to the group, The Jet Rodriguez spent a year recording and collaborating their efforts to put out their first full-band album, Mourning Days/Morning Daze released in 2010. It was not long after this release that The Jet Rodriguez gained another guitarist, Michael Daniele, who put a new spin on their more folk-based sound in the winter of 2011.

“I feel that now, as a member of The Jet Rodriguez, my artistic desires are more possible than ever,” Daniel said. “I have the opportunity to express myself beyond my personal boundaries. I am constantly inspired by my bandmates, which (helps) keep the material exciting. However, it’s more than music to me. It’s the great friendships that have come into my life.”

Dedicating their time and effort throughout the months, The Jet Rodriguez will be releasing a new EP, Faceless Entities, this coming winter.

“I’m excited for this new EP,” Navetta said. “Our music is at a higher level than it’s ever been before, and I hope people at Oakland feel the desire to pass it on to their friends.”

This EP will be the first piece of work released for The Jet Rodriguez with its current lineup, featuring the individual talents of Navetta, Bowron, Squires and Daniele.

To listen to and download their 2010 album release, Mourning Days/Morning Daze, visit For a sample of their latest work, Jessie’s Army, off of the Faceless Entities EP visit: