WXOU ‘Insomnia’ host works as trance DJ, producer

By Postie Editors

DJ and producer Robbie Rio has quickly found himself turning his hobby and passion for music into a career.

The communications major grew up listening to trance and electronic music and only took the title of musician two short years ago.

“As a little kid I was fascinated by electronic music — I’ve always had a strong passion for it,” Rio said.

Rio was one of the first few to merge into the relatively new scene. Only six months into beginning his career as a producer and DJ, he has already caught the eyes of several event promoters and has even booked large shows alongside big name artists.

Rio has had the opportunity to open up for acts such as veteran producer and DJ, David Aude, Jersey Shore’s Pauly D, and Paris, France native, Dj Carolina Cartell.

“It’s an honor, but also really nice to be able to say I have done these things,” Rio said.

Although he has had such grand opportunities, Rio wants to continue to concentrate on the music and not the fame or financial success that comes with it.

“My main goal isn’t the money but to change the world,” he said. “If I can make a difference in someone’s day, or make their day better at all, then it’s all worth it for me.”

Rio gives significant credit for his success to his supportive family and friends. He said they are always excited about his work and his future plans.

“Robbie is different from other DJs,” Chris Tobia said. “He is very personal and hands on … everyone just loves him -— from his smile to his laid-back personality -— whatever you need to get done, he will do it for you.”

The music thrives on the listener’s positive energy and takes them through a journey, Rio said.

Rio uses a specific formula when constructing his music. He estimates that he spends between 20 to 25 hours a week working and producing new music.

“It takes me forever to edit something,” he said. “I always think I can make it better.”

Robbie Rio’s music can be heard on WXOU where he hosts his own radio show, Insomnia, on Wednesday’s at 11 p.m. The show features music from all over the world, including his own trance and progressive music.

For more information or to listen to tracks and weekly podcast shows, visit robbierio.com


— Clare LaTorre, copy editor, contributed to this report