Increase in campus crime calls for extra precautions

By Postie Editors

In last week’s issue, we reported that Oakland University was the fourth safest college campus in Michigan. A week later, we are not so sure we’ve held on to those bragging rights.

In an ironic twist of fate, last week all hell broke loose on the OU campus.

For whatever reason, there were multiple cases of crime reported to the OU Police Department on Tuesday, Jan. 10.

Aside from a non-student pulling a knife on a group of students at a party over the weekend, there were several larcenies reported throughout campus. One case was right next-door at WXOU, where two laptops were stolen in broad daylight.

With the increase in crime, Grizzlies need to remember to use caution on campus (or in any public place for that matter).

OU is a public campus with a constant stream of students and non-students walking around. Just because our campus is located in Rochester doesn’t mean there aren’t sketchy individuals looking to snatch up your valuables.

Despite the fact we all get along well at The Oakland Post, we still lock up our laptops and other valuables before leaving our office. With the amount of people that walk through our doors each day, we can never be too sure.

So, instead of leaving computers on tables while you go grab lunch in the food court, bring your stuff with you.

Yeah, you may lose a seat, but that’s a far less significant loss than a laptop or other expensive items.

The same goes for your residence. Rather than running out of your dorm without locking the door, stop being lazy and take an extra 30 seconds to secure all of your belongings.

Also, neglecting to lock your cars doors is possibly even more ignorant, since it’s a lot easier for thieves to slip in and out within the sea of cars.

If it is absolutely necessary to leave valuables in your vehicle, just remember the saying “out of sight, out of mind.” Lock it in the trunk.

When you are responsible for your things, it saves everyone at the police department a lot of time and energy.

With the tanking economy, there is an increase of crime all around the nation — not just around campus.

It’s a good idea to be mindful of your environment in any public situation.

If you know that you’ll be on campus after dark, try to park near a well-lit area. In addition, when you’re walking to your car at night, use the buddy system and walk with a group of friends.

Just keep in mind, if you ever feel threatened or scared, it’s OK to give OUPD a call. They’ll give you an escort, no questions asked.

On that note, reporting any suspicious people or activity to OUPD can possibly prevent future crime.

If someone looks out of the ordinary, we encourage you to speak up, no matter how stupid you think it is.

We just think it’s important for people to be aware of their surroundings, since unfortunately, we can’t trust everyone who sets foot on our campus. Just use some common sense.

The staff editorial is written weekly by members of The Oakland Post’s editorial board.