Local restaurant Red Olive is a gold star

On Walton Blvd. there is a strip of property that includes common restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Pei Wei. When popular food vendors such as those two are found in the same area, it’s easy to forget about the other restaurants that are around. Red Olive Restaurant finds itself sandwiched in the same building as these two, but still manages to stand out with  its Greek and Mediterranean selection.

With nine locations in the metro-Detroit area, (including one on University Dr. and Squirrel rd. that opened recently) the restaurant is growing in popularity.

Its website boasts daily specials, nutritional meals and an expanded menu, all at fair prices.

Welcoming atmosphere

The restaurant’s furnishings are similar to Spargo’s Coney Island. Booths are set up in columns, comfortably seating about four people each, with well-spaced out tables spread throughout the room.

Walls are decorated with pleasant scenic depictions of the Mediterranean. The music selection is classic rock, played at a relaxed level. The restaurant is overall very clean and neat. The dining room is set up in a very open, welcoming nature and guests can see straight into the kitchen.

Friendly, timely staff

Despite the relatively small staff, wait time is extremely limited.

Guests are asked to choose a seat upon arrival and food orders are delivered within minutes. This speedy and kind service is a testament to the staff’s knowledge and application of their skill and preparation.


Fresh ingredients

Red Olive offers a vast variety of dishes, from Greek and other Mediterranean classics, to American staples. Their menu boasts two full pages of common and gourmet salads. Other options include seafood, burgers and coney’s, wraps, stir-fry, deli sandwiches and breakfast.

Servings are well portioned. Owner Pete Goulas proudly mentions the large portions on the restaurants website.

“Our portions are so large that it’s hard to see the plate under all the food,” he said.

Dishes are well prepared and presented. Ordering the gyro, I expected difficulties keeping the sandwich intact. Keeping a good hold of it was a challenge. The pita tore apart and the insides fell to the plate quite quickly. Despite these issues, everything was obviously fresh and cooked well.



In terms of quality and taste, the pricing is fair, but it would be a stretch to brag excellent value. The gyro is priced at $6.25. Adding tax and tip it came around $9. You pay a little more than you would at an average Coney, but the quality is well worth it.

To learn more about Red Olive or to view their menu visit www.redoliverestuarant.com


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