OUSC: ‘Fall semester was historic’

By John Doe

The Eveslage/Malile administration of the Oakland University Student Congress thanks its staff and the Student Body for a successful fall semester in 2011. Looking forward, OU Student Congress has stocked the Winter 2012 calendar and we are currently setting our focus on new student services and initiatives.


Reflecting on a historic fall semester

Since the summer semester, your Congress members have been instrumental in bargaining for the 24-hour Kresge Library and extended hours in the library’s café.

In conjunction with the Student Activities Funding Board (which funds all of the student organizations at OU), Student Congress has fought for and received reduced prices on the most popular catering items from Chartwells, especially for student organizations.

As many are aware, Student Congress is a voice for the students. With this in mind, we were sure to maintain a respected and impactful voice for the students through our student initiatives in the summer and fall 2011 semesters. A large thanks goes to our dedicated student services department and all those who supported the Student Body in these positive changes for student life.

A memorable series of Fall 2011 events lined the OU calendar, which we won’t soon forget. These events included “The Madnezz” BYOB Tailgate, the fùtbol and basketball tailgate, the speaking engagement with Post Secret’s Frank Warren attracting 600 students, the talk by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (who was named a “Time 100” for 2011) as part of the Middle Eastern Mosaic series of events, and the politically inspiring events: Rock4Rights and “Your Voice Heard Live” in association with the Republican Presidential Debate on campus this past November.

These historic achievements and events are the pride of Oakland University and are close to our hearts here at Student Congress.

If you are a student that shares a passion for excellence and service, make your mark here at Oakland by joining a student organization or Student Congress and be a part of leading the Student Body.

It’s a great time to be a student at Oakland, but it is also what you make of it. If your interests lead you to Student Congress, make your way to the re-designed OU Student Congress office in the lower level of the Oakland Center to learn more about leadership and involvement opportunities.


A peak into what’s coming

The successful events and services of the past fall semester, in conjunction with a re-vamped marketing and graphics plan is leading Student Congress into a refreshed New Year.

In the coming weeks, Congress will be laying the foundation for the focus for the winter 2012 semester: student services.

Initiatives like the “Government Outreach Proposal” which seeks to create a cooperative organization between the Political Science Department, OU’s Government Outreach Office, and OU Student Congress to create a stronger network of student involvement in politics and government. Also, a partnership is already underway with Cooley Law School for providing free legal-aid services for OU students.

Also, discussions about implementing an inter-faith center on campus is being furthered by planned OU Student Congress events: a trip to the Bahai Faith Center in February and a proposed event with Tibetan monks in March.

The Homecoming weekend and BYOB Tailgate hosted by OU Student Congress, the 15th annual “OU Day at the Capitol” event, and OUSC elections will also be sure to add to the excitement of the New Year.

OU Student Congress and the leadership from the Eveslage/Malile administration are at your service.

Please let us know if you have an idea that will benefit the students at OU and how we can work to make your “Oakland Experience” a proud one.

Ben Eveslage is the current Student Congress President. You can email him at [email protected]