Make sure to think carefully before voting casually in OUSC elections

By Postie Editors

It’s that time of the year again.

Oakland University Student Congress elections are in progress and on March 26, you will be voting to elect your next student government.

But, why should you care?

Because whomever you decide to elect will represent you for the next year and will be in charge of making decisions and working towards the betterment of the university as you know it. Choose wisely.

You wouldn’t vote for the president of the U.S. without knowing at least a little bit about each candidate, so why wouldn’t you take the time to learn about each of the candidates for student body president?

OUSC represents the student body through various events like Grizz Madnezz and tailgates, through campus initiatives like the Bike Share program, the 24-hour library, hammocks and the readership program, receiving about $80,000 to do so.

They also have a lot of power.

The president and VP meet regularly with university officials to determine how to address student concerns.

This year, there are only two presidential candidates.

With elections taking place March 26-28, we’ve tried to learn as much as we can about each ticket.

Though you’ll find more information in this week’s center spread, we’ve decided to give you a little rundown:


Wolf/Williford ticket

Samantha Wolf and Robbie Williford are both current OUSC members.

Wolf, a sophomore dual-majoring in international relations and communication, currently serves as the legislative affairs director for OUSC. She has helped plan many events, including this week’s Woman’s Symposium.

Williford, a junior majoring in English, is the residence hall association president and a member of OUSC legislature.

Their initiatives include plans to lobby the administration to reduce tuition, building a better Bike Share program, alternatives for parking, installing a Scantron machine in the library, pushing to get more professors to utilize Moodle and converting the university into a 24-hour campus.


Skylar/Chen ticket

While James Skylar and Thomas Chen don’t have as much OUSC experience as Wolf/Williford, they still have many plans.

Skylar, a sophomore majoring in political science, currently serves as an OUSC legislator and as treasurer for Sigma Pi and Oakland’s Interfraternity Council.

Chen, a sophomore majoring in biomedical diagnostic and therapeutic science, is a student in the Honor’s College and founded the Anatomical Society of OU. He’s also a member of the Pre-Med Society, Neurology Club and Biomedical Science Society.

Their platform includes providing support to campus athletic programs, improving Greek life, bringing back the free Scantron program, renovating the residence hall basketball and volleyball courts, bringing in the support of local businesses and putting a Grizz Express in Vandenberg Hall.


While The Oakland Post has decided not to endorse any specific candidate, we do encourage you to ask them any questions you may have.

Now’s your chance to make your voice heard, so make sure to speak loudly.

The staff editorial is written weekly by members of The Oakland Post’s editorial board.