Dotted and striped

By Stephanie Sokol

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Stripes and plaids

Stripes and plaids are classic patterns that provide a clean, pulled together look.

Plaids are very versatile. Different styles can express different things. Bold colors are edgy and strong, while lighter colors are laid back and clean.

Stripes are also popular on campus this season. Most  apparent are dark colors mixed with white, although bold colors paired together for a more extreme statement are also popular on campus.

Either pattern can be used to express different tones, textures and personalities.


Dots and shapes

Whether it’s familiar shapes like hounds tooth, polka dots or even hearts. Such unique detailing provides simple illustration.



With all the options available, mixing patterns is also a big trend among students.

“Floral and animal print are both timeless,” communication major Danielle Fahs said. “They never go out of style and both can be so versatile with what you wear. I like to mix striped cardigans with floral tops.”

Nature prints

Many popular patterns are inspired from the wild. Floral and animal prints are the most common at OU.

Cheetah print and zebra are more popular with students who want to show their wild side. Paired with bold colors they stand out among simpler designs.

Floral prints are used to express femininity. Soft shades mix well, while bolder prints make a style stand out.


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